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Melbourne has a wonderful history dotted with some remarkable characters, and it's here that ghosts and hauntings step in.

Drew Sinton, owner of The Haunted Bookshop, says he knows of about 50 ghosts in Melbourne's CBD, and more than 100 "personalities without bodies"in suburbia. Five nights a week, dressed from top to toe in black, the articulate occultist runs ghost tours through some of Melbourne's most historical sites...


The Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour - Come face to face with Melbourne's haunted past on an informative, fun-filled 2 hour historical walking tour.

Melbourne Cemetery Tours - Tour guides Helen D. Harris OAM and Jan Davidson have been running tours of Melbourne General Cemetery for over twenty years, and have a detailed knowledge of many of the fascinating characters of Australian history who are buried there.

The 'Virtual' Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour - Ghosthunter and historian Drew Sinton believes the "meaning of life is to learn and to search". Those who'd like to join him on the quest for knowledge will find inspiration from this dark and fascinating bookshop.

Victorian Ghost Tours - @ paranormal.com.au..


The Haunted Bookshop - 15 McKillop St, Melbourne | 03 9670 2585
Since 1997, a fabulous resource and place to learn about haunted Melbourne.


Castle of Spirits - Home of the original Australian Ghost Hunters Society (AGHS) on the internet since 1996. Includes investigation at The Old Melbourne Gaol and The mysterious ghost woman in the woman's ward of Old Melbourne Gaol.

Paranormal Australia - Paranormal.com.au are a group of people from different experiences and backgrounds, seeking answers and looking for truth behind various unexplained or paranormal phenomena.


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Haunted Melbourne 



Melbourne Cemetery Tours




Victorian Ghost Tours @ paranormal.com.au

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