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Gold In Windsor

Start it. Spin it. Crank it. Kick it. Celebrate the moment.

Miller Genuine Draft presents: Gold In Windsor.

You know those nights that start out ordinary and end up epic - the nights that kick off with a couple of quiet beers and then turn into one of the best times of your life?

Gold in Windsor is going to be one of those nights.

Presented by iconic beer brand, Miller, for 2 nights only Gold in Windsor is a take-over to knock over all the rest.

On Friday 6 October and Saturday 7 October, Miller Genuine Draft will take over Uncommon on Chapel Street in Windsor, and turn it into Gold.

Miller Genuine Draft is a beer that sets things off, that makes things happen, so when we say take over that is seriously what we mean - Uncommon will be Miller-fied.

Miller Genuine Draft is turning Uncommon on it's head, completely painting Uncommon matte black with hints of burnished gold. A cave of wonders awaits.

Each night, the menu is a glimpse into a golden future, a taste of things to come at Uncommon. Take a swig of Miller Genuine Draft and a bite of score 5 wagyu scotch with juniper jus. Assume your favourite position against the bar, a Miller Genuine Draft in one hand and brisket croquette with spicy mushroom and parmesan mayo in the other. Life is good.

And entertainment? For sure. Guests who snap up one of the limited tickets - there are only 100 tickets available for each night - can catch..

Alice Ivy, Friday 6 October
This electro-soul artist / producer is on the ascent; she released a pair of singles last year, the cinematic Touch and soul-soaked Almost Here which, together, amassed 900,000 plays on Spotify and saw the Melbourne-based beat-maker compared to fellow sample-fiends, and one of her greatest influences, The Avalanches.

The Harpoons, Saturday 7 October
This intensely joyous dancy-pop band from Melbourne is all about experimental pop bangers that dance along the borders 'between sultry R&B, pop and fuzzy electronic'.. that's what Fader says.
They're made for Saturday night.

Tickets are available here: https://ti.to/hunterand-co/miller-genuine-draft-pop-up-bar-copy

Only 100 tickets available for each night. (open to only 18+)

About the Miller Brewing Company
The Miller Brewing Company's story began in 1855, when Fredrick Miller emigrated from Germany to the United States.

Producing fine lager beer in the German brewing style, Miller established the Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - the brewing site the brand still uses today.

The Miller Brewery in Milwaukee is one of the oldest breweries still functioning in the United States.

About Miller Genuine Draft
The Miller Brewing Company is continually striving to create new and innovative beer that pushes category boundaries. There is no better example of this than Miller Genuine Draft - 4 times filtered for a smoother taste.

Launched in 1987, Miller Genuine Draft is a brewing breakthrough. Instead of heat pasteurising in steam tunnels, Miller Genuine Draft is cold-filtered through a ceramic filtration system before packaging. This innovative use of technology is complemented by a filling process that takes place in a 'clean environment' worthy of any operating theatre.

The benefit of this process is that Miller Genuine Draft has the fresh, smooth taste of unpasteurised draft beer.

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