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Future Eaters

How is sculpture evolving to reflect a world where technology has come to shape almost every facet of our existence? How might the sculpture of our time appear to viewers in the future?

Future Eaters presents a range of contemporary Australian and international artists working with sculptural practices in our present technological age. Featuring several newly commissioned artworks and installations, the exhibition explores some of the ways sculptural materials and forms are changing as artists respond to the mediated and virtual realities of the world in which we live and work.

The exhibition is curated by MUMA director Charlotte Day.

"It's very exciting to bring together works by a number of leading Australian and international artists working at the cutting edge of sculpture to explore how technology is shaping our lives and world," Day says.

Future Eaters features artists from Australia, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, USA and the former state of Yugoslavia.

Day says she wanted to examine how artists are exploring themes of post-human or cybernetic bodily experience and the effects of digital and advanced industrial technologies, but she wanted to do this by imagining their artworks as if an archive unlocked or specimens uncovered at some future date.

Artists including: Hany Armanious (AUS); Benjamin Armstrong (AUS); Damiano Bertoli (AUS); Nina Cannell (SWE); Marley Dawson (AUS); Aleksandra Domanović (SVN); Hannah Donnelly (AUS); Alex Dordoy (GBR); Lewis Fidock & Joshua Petherick (AUS); Mira Gojak (AUS); Guan Xiao (CHN), Yngve Holen (NOR); Alex Israel (USA); Magali Reus (NLD); Anna Uddenberg (SWE); Anicka Yi (KOR)

Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA
Ground Floor, Building F
Monash University,
Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield East, VIC 3145

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