Flyajetsim | Flight Simulators

Flyajetsim | Flight Simulators

Flyajetsim | Flight SimulatorsHave fun flying our A320 Airbus Flight Simulator

Our state of the art A320 Airbus flight simulators are in regular use for flight experience both for pilots and the general public. Our experienced instructors are on hand to guide you through the experience. Once seated inside the simulator you can experience exactly how it feels to pilot this amazing aircraft.

The sense of realism is uncanny. Picture yourself launching the airliner into the clouds, swooping low over mountain tops until you bring the aircraft down to a smooth landing at an international airport of your choice. With the help of our friendly instructors anyone can pilot this aircraft!

This is an unforgettable experience that makes a perfect gift for anyone aged 9 to 99. Prices start at $175 per 30 minutes and $275 per hour.

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Flyajetsim | Flight Simulators⊜ 598 St Kilda Road Melbourne | Map
598 St Kilda RoadMelbourne
0419 972 305

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Flyajetsim | Flight Simulators

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