Diamond Village Craft Market - closed

This market closed without warning in 2017.

It operated for a number of years (2014 - 2017)

Their web site was still online in January 2018


There is no announcement of the market closing

The last post was Valentine's Day 2017, one guesses because of an advertiser (Jardins).

Last dates: Markets for 2016.

Facebook page: gone without trace.

Why do market operators think it's ok to just stop trading without announcing it. It shows a lack of respect and professionalism.

Stallholders must shake their heads


What should happen when a business closes

An online announcement of the closure (together with a reason).

All pages of it's web site should clearly show it has closed.

Facebook page: A sticky announcement should be made (one that features at the top of it's entry page). The about page should also include the announcemnt.

Find and cancel all advertising.

Another frustrating bug.. online pages with a date that don't show the year: Sun 14 September | 9:00AM


Diamond Village Craft Market - closed78 Nepean Street,  Watsonia Victoria 3087 | Google Map
(03) 9438 3437

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Diamond Village Craft Market - closed


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