Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch

Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch

13th Annual Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch in Melbourne 2018

***Everyone welcome - including newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, migrants and international students to Melbourne, Christmas Day orphans, people who are single, married, couples, families, students, tourists, migrants, local residents, Australian citizens, children, adults, young or old, any faith or religion - if you are looking for an alternative option for Christmas Day please join us - this event will go ahead - rain hail or shine.

Free to attend, bring your own food and wear your own name tag.***

Christmas Day can be a lonely occasion if you are a long way away from family and friends.

It is also difficult if the traditional rituals cannot be recreated - as far as I know, there has never been snow in Melbourne on Christmas Day!

Even if you do not normally celebrate this religious occasion, it is still nice to have 'something to do' on Christmas Day as plenty of people at work will ask you 'what are you doing for Christmas?'


In 2006, Newcomers Network hosted an event in Catani Gardens, St Kilda (Victoria) and in 2007, we moved to the Queen Victoria Gardens next to St Kilda Road and opposite the Victorian Arts Centre. In 2018, Sue Ellson will be hosting the 13th Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch in Melbourne.

We usually have between 70 - 200 people attending - bringing bikes, footballs, cricket bat and balls, frisbees, dogs, friends or coming on their own.

What to Bring

- a name tag with your first name on it
(a simple sticker or piece of paper and safety pin or string will do)
- hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
- whatever you would like to eat, drink and share (including water)
- picnic mat and/or chair (if you have one)

Public Transport

Public transport is free in Melbourne and will be running to the Sunday timetable. The nearest train station is Flinders Street. You can catch the tram one stop along and then just cross the road to the park. We will be under a big tree next to three palm trees and you will see the Newcomers Network banner hanging from the tree. We will also be joined by people from the Melbourne Social Club. There is a public toilet close by on the corner of St Kilda Road and Linlithgow Avenue.

Finding the Group

We can never be 100% certain as to how many people will turn up on the day, but as this is our 13th year hosting the picnic, we are expecting quite a lot of people (and a few regulars from past years).

Please do not be daunted - everyone sits in small groups and if you arrive on your own, I will happily introduce you to others (I wear a silver sparkly Santa hat) and can provide a sticky label name tag if you forget.


Queen Victoria Gardens
Under the big tree next to three palm trees,
opposite the Queen Victoria Arts Centre
(building with a spire) on St Kilda Road,
Latitude -37.821314 Longitude 144.969850
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

We look forward to seeing you there!

Register Online

When & Where

Date: Tuesday 25th December 2018
Times: 12pm - 3pm

Venue | Location

 Queen Victoria Gardens show

Queen Victoria Gardens  Melbourne Victoria 3001 | Map

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Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch

Christmas Day Lunch 2018 | Melbourne Social Club

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