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Cats-hibition 2017 | Art Exhibition

in.cube8r gallery presents The Second Annual CATShibition!

The third of an ongoing series of group art exhibitions, featuring a bunch of talented Melbourne artists showcasing CAT ART!

After a record breaking turnout at the 2016 cats-hibition, in.cube8r is bringing the much loved event back for round two! Featuring artworks from a range of local talent, as well as jewellery, plush toys and other catty items, this show is one that any self-declared cat-person cannot miss. PLUS, it's just before christmas.... good timing? We thought so..

The show features works by:
Claire Cummings (@hanginaroundtextiledesign)
Julia Marshall Felix (@juliamarshallfelix)
Inky Splatter (@inkysplatter)
Calista Douglas (@_calidraws)
Nicole Barros (@nicolebarrosart)
Ricky James Alexander (@rusharts)
Yeli Chuan (@yellymonsta)
Amy Avalanche (@amyavalanche)
Shannon Harper (@shandaman_)
Haunted Toy Shop (@hauntedtoyshop)
Scrabble kitty (@scrabblekitty)
Melissa Hampton (@_beemello_)
Germano Arts (@germanoarts)
Skadi Jewellery Design (@skadijewellery)
Curated by Elle-May Michael
Max, Claire Cummings
Let us introduce you to a few of our cat-crazy exhibitors!

Yeli Chuan

Yeli's love for cats started with her naming and feeding stray cats in the neighbourhood back in Singapore. In July, she adopted a handsome silver tabby, Gregory, as her very own fur child and muse. Her participation in this show is to mark this special year in which Gregory has entered her life.

Julia Marshall Felix
Julia's lifelong love of cats began with her childhood cat, Parsley, (a handsome tabby with a dribbling problem) who was such a gentle, wonderful friend that Julia has adored cats, especially tabbies, ever since. Cats are a recurring motif in Julia's art, and have featured in every logo she's had throughout a twenty year artistic career.

Elli Popova

One of my biggest inspiration always were Cats. My favorite character is Cheshire Cat from Wonderland (mad , happy and invisible).

Ricky Alexander

My love of cats comes from my Nan who passed away some time ago but she was my best friend., Nan had a collection of 5 stray cats and where part of her family. I also love cats for keeping mice away and evil spirits (supposedly).

We're putting together a CAT-SHOP with lots of handmade cat goodies including
mugs, jewellery, toys, bags, childrens clothing, adults clothing, prints, cards and more!

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