Bushfire Questions for the Government

Dear Mr. Brumby

Some questions if I may –

1. Why are people in the Shire of Murrindindi having to apply and pay for separate permits to replace sheds which were destroyed during the fires? Surely 1 permit would cover 3 sheds on the same property and why can’t the council can waive the fees.

2. Why are people in the Glenburn/Break O Day/Flowerdale area having to pay for firewood which is stockpiled on the sides of roads by the RTA, when yobbos come up from Melbourne and just take it for nothing?

3. Why does a lady in the Yarra Glen area, who had 2 houses on her property (1 of which was destroyed, the other one saved) receive a building permit from the Shire of Yarra Ranges to replace the burned house, and the permit states no kitchen or bathroom. Surely a house with no kitchen or bathroom is only a sleep-out.

4. Why does a family in Callignee who lost their home, receive a bill from Telstra for rental of their landline? They ring Telstra and explain they have no landline any more, Telstra agree to waive the bill. Next month another bill, this one is marked overdue. Ring Telstra again and are told the bill will be waived. The debt collector arrived yesterday !

5. Another family, same area. These folk are lucky, one of their sheds was saved. They’re now living in it but it’s powered by a generator. The electricity company have erected a new concrete power pole but want to charge them $2000 before they will connect the power. If they weren’t responsible for the pole burning down, why would they have to pay to have a new one put up?

Haven’t these poor people been put through enough already without having to cope with this petty bureaucracy.

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