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Better Wetter | The Clams

Better Wetter is an all swimming, all dancing, sexy clamtacular.

Because we love you clamgels, we're coming ... again ... to bring you Better Wetter.

It's all about sexy sex sex

Oh yeah. Better Wetter is a celebration of women who do it! With each other, with another, with themselves, but always with enthusiastic clamsent.

We're feeling ourselves and loving ourselves sick, but we promise no nudity and no smut. Just good old fashioned pleasure, like mother nature clamtended. Choreographed by the exceptionally clever Holly Durant and Gabi Barton.

Bring your swimming clamstume, your floaties, and clam get wet with The Clams!

Poolside beats from DJ Whiskey Houston. More acts to be clamnounced. Stay tuned. Stay sexy.

Set times (approx)
2.30pm DJ Whisky Houston
3.30pm The Clams
4.00pm Sugar Fed Leopards
4.50pm DJ Whisky Houston
6.00pm The Clams (the show is so nice, we are doing it twice)
6.30pm Sugar Fed Leopards

$30 (+BF)
Kids 14 and under $15 (+BF)

Saturday 24 February
2.30 - 7.30pm

Northcote Acquatic & Recreation Centre

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