Batty Patty's

Obscure pop-up venue down Bennett's lane.

24 Bennetts Lane
Melbourne CBD

Batty Patty is a cramped little pop-up off Bennetts Lane in the CBD. It's an odd venue - a dilapidated Lego-esque sculpture of cement, cloth and milk crates - but in a weird way, it's integral to the experience.

When you're all huddled together in this tiny shed, you feel the connection with Blanes so much more. You're not an anonymous figure in a faceless crowd; the performance becomes communal, like a talented mate has just jumped on the piano after a big party in your garage.

You not only become conscious of your emotional output, but responsible for it too, and you actively focus on the artistic merit of each song in order to decipher Blanes' mind. He wants your mental involvement. He can afford to concentrate his energy on every person there, and it all feels that little bit more special for it.

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Batty Patty's24 Bennetts Lane  Melbourne Victoria 3000 | Map

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Batty Patty's 

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