Batman's Treaty - Melbourne

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 Batmans Land Deed [ Treaty ] Melbourne Victoria Australia - OnlyMelbourne  Batmans Land Deed [ Treaty ] Melbourne Victoria Australia - OnlyMelbourne  Batmans Land Deed [ Treaty ] Melbourne Victoria Australia - OnlyMelbourne

Transcript: Batman Land Deed

Know all Persons that We, Three Brothers Jagajaga, Jagajaga, Jagajaga, being the Principal Chiefs and also Cooloolock,
Bungarie, Yanyan, Moowhip, and Mommarmalar also
being the Chiefs of a certain Native Tribe called Dutigullar situate at and near Port Phillip, called by us
the above-mentioned Chiefs Iramoo being possed of the Tract of Land hereinafter mentioned for and in consideration of Twenty Pairs of Blankets, Thirty
Tomahawks, One Hundred Knives Fifty Pair of Scissorrs, Thirty looking Glasses Two Hundred Handkerchiefs and One Hundred Pounds of
Flour and six shirts delivered to Us by John Batman residing in Van Diemens Land Esquire but at present sojourning with us and our Tribe Do for ourselves our heirs
and Successors Give Grant Enfeoff and confirm unto the said John Batman his heirs and Assigns All that tract of Country situate and being at Port Phillip
Running from the Branch of the River at the top of the Port about 7 miles from the mouth of the River Forty miles [erased word] East and from thence [erased word] West
Forty miles across Iramoo Downs or Plains, and from thence south south-west across Mount
Vilanmarartar to Geelong Harbour at the head of the same and
containing about Five Hundred Thousand more or less Acres as the
same hath been before the execution of these presents delineated and marked out by Us according to the custom of our Tribe by certain marks made upon the Trees growing
along the boundaries of the said tract of Land To hold the said Tract of Land with all advantages belonging thereto unto and To use of the said John Batman
and his heirs and Assigns for ever To the Intent that the said John Batman his hiers and Assigns may occupy and possess the said tract of Land and place
thereon Sheep and Cattle Yielding and delivering to Us and our heirs or Successors the Yearly rent or Tribute of one hundred Pair of Blankets, One Hundred
Knives, One Hundred Tomahawks, Fifty Suits of Clothing, Fifty looking Glasses, Fifty Pair scissors and Five Tons of flour. In Witness whereof We Jagajaga, Jagajaga,
Jagajaga, the before mentioned Principal Chiefs and Cooloolock, Bungarie, Yanyan, Moowhip, and Mommarmalar the Chiefs of the said Tribe have hereunto affixed our seals
to these presents and have signed the same Dated according to the Christian Era this sixth day of June One thousand eight hundred and thirty five.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us the same having
been fully interpreted and explained to the said Chiefs

James Gumm Jagajaga his mark
Alexander Thomson Jagajaga his mark
Will'm. Todd. Jagajaga his mark
  Cooloolock his mark
  Bungarie his mark
  Yanyan his mark
  Moowhip his mark
  Mommarmarmalar his mark
  John Batman

(Reverse side of Deed)

Be it Remembered That on the day and year within written possession and delivery of the Tract of Land within mentioned was made by the within named Jagajaga, Jagajaga, Jagajaga, Principal Chiefs, and Coololock, Bungarie, Yanyan, Moowhip, Mommarmaler also Chiefs of the Tribe of Natives called Dutigallar to the within named John Batman by the said chiefs taking up part of the soil of the said Tract of Land and delivering the same to the said John Batman in the name of the whole

Jagajaga His Mark
Jagajaga His Mark
Jagajaga His Mark
Coololock His Mark
Bungarie His Mark
Yanyan His Mark
Moowhip His Mark
Mommarmaler His Mark

In the presents of

James Gumm
Alexander Thompson
Will'm Todd.

Source:  National Museum of Australia - Batmania


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