Arena Theatre Company

Established in Melbourne in 1966, Arena Theatre Company continues to create inspiring live performances that have a genuine engagement with young audiences aged 5 to 25 years. Arena productions are an investigation and celebration of the reality of its young audiences: diverse, complex, self-defining and ever-changing.

Under the artistic leadership of Chris Kohn, the Company's work fulfills the promise of live theatre, fostering experiences that are surprising, fertile, explosive, dangerous and inspiring; generating extraordinary spaces brimming with truth and lies, where contemporary human experiences can be uniquely expressed, felt and reinvented.

The philosophy which drives Arena's work is founded on respect - a vision in which theatre for young audiences is not viewed merely as a form of education, preparation for adulthood, or an opportunity for audience development. Arena acts on the belief that theatre for young people is first and foremost a vital and evolving art form capable of engendering unique and transformative experiences for its audiences in the here and now.

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Arena Theatre Company28 St Martin's Lane,  South Yarra Victoria 3141 | Map
+61 401 823 299

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