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AFL Active for kids

AFL Active for kids is a fun program full of games and physical activities to keep your kids active even if they're not a fan of sport.

We use footballs in our sessions and include a few footy drills, but no ball skills are required. We play fun games such as keepings off, and tag, but also include cardio and strength based exercises like push ups, burpees and skipping.

AFL Active helps your child keep fit and build strength, but also improve self confidence and social skills.

AFL Active

Wednesdays 4.30pm @ Murrumbeena Park
Starting Wednesday 19th April (ends 27 Sept 2017)
$120 per term.

AFL Active is a fun fitness session for primary school aged kids that uses AFL themed games and drills without requiring any footy skills. A great session for boys and girls to keep active and increase fitness, make friends and boost self esteem.
Recommended age 7-12.

AFL Active is a VicHealth initiative, designed by the AFL to help keep people active. This program, aimed at children is to get kids moving, especially those who dont usually exercise.

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