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Showko: Absolutely Normal

Welcome to the quirky and hilarious world of Showko - Australia's favourite Japanese comedian. Kooky and off-beat, Showko's blend of stand-up, ventriloquism and Rakugo (Japanese storytelling comedy) is hugely entertaining and utterly unique.

Armed with stories from her childhood growing up in the kookiest culture on earth, as well as her adventures as a globetrotting comedian (London, Edinburgh, Paris, LA, Tokyo), Showko will give you a glimpse into the craziness that exists just below the surface of Japan that most foreigners never get to see.
Showko regularly performs in Australia, Japan and other exotic international destinations for TV, radio, comedy clubs, festivals and major events - including the Edinburgh Fringe.

As a child, she escaped into a fantasy world of making and talking to puppets - now it's her job. The world may be crazy, but Showko is absolutely normal. Honestly!

よう'そ独特で最eにe い'子ワールドへ!
'子苦い幼°'期から--'股にか'て'- る芸人と-て線で、'e''..に作られたスタンダッ-コメディーと、e現的な--に..り込む'子手作り'ペット'使った..話'。
古..落語「あたま山」' ースに'子奇想天-な'付'が-れた..話'落語。
監督は、あ'ー-ル'ペットでおなじみオーストラリアで売れっ子'ペティア Heath McIver

Directed by Heath McIvor

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