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80 Minutes No Interval


80 Minutes No Interval is a short, sharp black comedy with big impact and a running time only as long as the title suggests.

Louis is a failing novelist, which wouldn't be the case if he'd stop messing with tense and obscuring narrative. He used to be a theatre reviewer, and he'd still be doing that if a red box hadn't been invented that writes perfect reviews. His girlfriend would still be around if he'd stopped taking her to the theatre, and he'd have a home if he hadn't worn out his welcome at his parent's investment property.
One thing Louis does have is grit; he ain't gonna let no thing or nobody bring him down.

Travis Cotton is an award winning Australian actor and playwright. His plays have played around Australia and he was recently awarded the 2018 Lysicrates Prize for his play Starfish.

It has been five years since Cotton appeared onstage, in Melbourne Theatre Company's production of The Beast and he is excited to be stepping back into the spotlight for the Melbourne premiere of his play. "It's just a ripping comedy and it's the perfect time of year for a good honest laugh - with no strings attached." Travis Cotton.

Joining Cotton in the cast are Martelle Hammer, Robin Goldsworthy, Tom O'Sullivan and Tamzen Hayes.

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