join wagamama 5th birthday celebrations during May and early June and receive the following gifts:

wagamama 5th birthday gifts include:

v 1 x free main when another main is purchased
v 1 x free freshly squeezed juice when a main is purchased
v 1 x free beer when a main is purchased
v 1 x free bottle of red/white house wine when 2 mains are purchased

at wagamama, we celebrate consistency and quality in everything we do. our ethos, developed since the first wagamama opened in london’s bloomsbury in 1992, is ‘to combine great, fresh and nutritious food in an sleek yet simple setting with helpful, friendly service and value for money’

wagamama is a culinary democracy – business professionals, backpackers, families, students and the ladies who lunch are among the millions who continue to enjoy and discover the experience of positive eating + positive living


the wagamama concept is modelled on the ramen shops popular in japan for over two hundred years

ramen are chinese-style thread noodles, served in soups with delicious toppings or griddle-cooked (teppan-fried). noodles are the perfect fast food offering a nutritionally complete meal in a bowl. so too are our rice dishes, and our range of fresh juices are firm and healthy favourites. for the hungry, we offer a variety of side dishes including meat and vegetable dumplings, skewered chicken, deep-fried prawns and raw salads

at wagamama, we do our best to offer the best value for money which is reflected in our prices. customers can still enjoy a meal and drink for under £10 per head

fast and fresh

like the best asian and oriental kitchens, we only use the freshest ingredients – delivered daily to our door – to prepare our now signature noodle, rice, meat, vegetable and side dishes. all of our food is cooked on the premises

at wagamama, we know that time is precious and customers don’t want to hang around waiting for their food. so we’ve refined the relationship between technology and customer service in the way we handle orders. all orders are entered on an electronic handheld pc and zapped straight through to the kitchen. no fuss, no delays, no chasing up. all part of the wagamama experience

Melbourne locations

queen victoria square, melbourne cbd
level 2, qv square, cnr swanston and lonsdale st, melbourne vic, 3000
tel: +61 (0) 3 9650 2325

flinders lane, melbourne cbd
11-37 exhibition street, melbourne, victoria, 3000
tel: +61 (0) 3 9639 0955

Melbourne CBD  Melbourne Victoria 3000 | Map Map opens in new browser window
 Telephone: +61 (0) 3 9639 0955

Web Links

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