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AFL Footy @ Channel 7

AFL Footy @ Channel 7

Channel Seven will return in March 2014 with its coverage of the 2014 AFL season.

Seven coverage includes live games on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night and Sunday.

An impressive range of commentators and specialists promising 'there will be more live football than ever before''.


The early feedback targetted poor old Bruce for his repetition, statistics, phrasing and, just being Bruce.

Most feedback though was aimed squarely at Wayne Carey.

Your football coverage is appalling, and to top it off now we have to endure Wayne Carey.

Absolutely disgusted that Wayne Carey, a Woman Assaulter is on Friday Night Footy which I have loved for so long, I will not switch On to 7 whilst he is on there. How dare you disregard his previous behaviour.

Please don't put Wayne Carey on FRIDAY night footy, we were just starting to feel safe. (all the women in Victoria).

I was very disappointed to say the least at trotting out Wayne Carey on Friday Night Footy. But seeing the woman assaulter Wayne Carey trotted out as all was forgiven was such an affront for women who love the game.

Please get rid of Wayne Carey. The man is painful to watch and adds nothing to the coverage.

With such a time honoured excellent standard of commentators why do you have to go to low intellectual and certainty disgraced former player as Wayne Carey. Get better , he will not enhance your profile or that of the game. Just because he can kick the.... how about ethics, there are many better to serve your hi standard of excellence. You are better than this.

Interestingly, a number of complaints suggested switching to Foxtel to avoid Bruce and Wayne not realising the Foxtel coverage incorporates the SEVEN commentary team including Wayne.

It appears football followers have long memories


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Time: Afternoon and night games

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