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St Albans Market

St Albans Market

At Big Sams St Albans Market there are around 20 stalls selling fresh food, wine, flowers and cold meats.

Food is best when it is fresh, and at Big Sams Market you will only find fresh produce and friendly service.

Enjoy wine and food tastings and cooking demonstrations.

Trading Times
WEDNESDAY 7:00 AM - 2.00 PM
THURSDAY 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
FRIDAY 7:00 AM - 6.00 PM
SATURDAY 7:00 AM - 1:30 PM

market directory

Market Directory
Jim McGauran Meats
Pork, Lamb, Beef, Veal.
Stall No. 1
Tel: 9366 1800

St Albans Fish Supply
Specialising in Seafood.
Stall No. 2
Tel 9366 9301

Ross Meat Supply
Specialising in Beef, Pork, Lamb and Veal.
Stall No. 3
Tel: 9366 0663

Paul's Paultry
LaIonica chemical free chicken, freerange ducks & turkeys.
Stall No. 4
Tel: 9366 4947

Australian & Continental Deli
Where you have service, quality and price.
Stall No. 5 & 6
Tel: 9364 2117

B & H Seafood
Fresh fish and great service.
Stall No. 7
Tel: 0431 200 003

Dried Fruit & Confectionary
Best Nuts for Less.
Stall No. 9

Dana's Gourmet Deli
Stall No. 11 & 12
Tel. 0407 225 477

European Deli
Great quality, good prices and friendly service.
Stall No. 15
Tel: 0407 829 671

Candy's Nuts
Great quality, good prices and great service.
Stall No. 16 & 17
Tel: 0417 165 466

Fresh Chooks R Us
A grade quality chicken, no hormones, competitive prices. Phone to order.
Stall No. 19
Tel: 0400 995 789

Ramb Deli
Quality Continental products and service with a smile.
Stall No. 21
Tel: 0411 122 291

Meat Emporium
Rock bottom prices. Bulk meat specialists.
Stall No. 23
Tel: 9367 3023

M & K Fruit & Veg
Quality, price & friendly service.
Stall No. 24 & 25
Tel: 0411 341 605

Piccolo Fresh
Fruit & Vegetable distributors, retail & wholesale. Cheaper, fresher, better.
Stall No. 26 & 27
Tel: (shop) 9310 9355 (mob) 0414 532 223

Tatsis Bros Fruit & Veg
Quality and prices that can't be beaten.
Stall No. 28 & 29
Tel: 0421 494 243

Our fresh quality produce speaks for itself.
Stall No. 31 & 32
Tel: 0407 339 361

Market Place Cellar
Fine wine, Beer and Spirits.
Stall No. IA
Tel: 9364 6655

Days: Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

 3 St Albans Road  St Albans Victoria 3021 Australia | MapMap opens in new browser window
 Telephone: (03) 9366 2237

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