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Top Designs 2014

Top Designs 2014

See fashion, furniture, jewellery, graphic and product design, film, print layout, photography, animation, food product planning, websites and mechanical and electronic projects.

Works accompanied by folios produced by VCE and VCE VET students.

Presented by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority as part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2014.

Top Designs 2014 Forums

VCE, Program led by museum staff, with external speakers

Top Designs Forums support VCE students of Product Design & Technology, Visual Communication Design, Food & Technology, Systems Engineering, Media and VET Interactive Digital Media.

They consist of an introductory talk from a VCAA Reviewer or Curriculum Advisor addressing the School-Assessed Task using examples from Top Designs exhibited works, folios and design plans.

This is followed by a presentation by an industry professional, who represents best practice within their particular field of design. The Forum allows time for Q&A, students are encouraged to prepare questions for the speakers.

Students then visit the Top Designs exhibition. Student worksheets, for use during the exhibition visit, are also available online.

Session times: 9.45am and 11.45am
Session duration: Allow up to 3 hours. Includes 75 minute forum and 1 hour exhibition viewing time.

Dates and Speakers

All forums feature a presentation by a VCAA representative, as well as the following industry guest speakers:

Product Design & Technology
Focus on Products and Furniture
April 24 Furniture / Experimental Designer Dale Hardiman
May 12 Industrial and Exhibition Designer Naomi Fogel

Focus on Fashion
March 25 Fashion and Textiles Designer Genevieve Kulesza
April 28 Fashion and Textiles Designer Genevieve Kulesza
May 9 Fashion Designer and Illustrator Meg Kolac
May 21 Fashion Designer and Illustrator Meg Kolac

Food & Technology
April 1 Chef Mark Olive
April 23 Chef Paul Douglas
May 2 Nonna to Nana authors Jessie & Jacqueline diBlasi
May 14 Nonna to Nana authors Jessie & Jacqueline diBlasi
May 20 Chef Mark Olive (9.45am session only)

Visual Communication Design
March 24 Illustrator Andrea Innocent
March 27 Communication Designer Belinda Smullen
March 28 Communication Designer Megan Wardle and Matthew McCarthy
April 2 Communication Designers Le Sphinx (9.45am & 11.45am sessions) OR Communication Designer Megan Wardle and Matthew McCarthy (1.45pm session)
April 3 Communication Designer Chris Murphy (9.45am & 11.45am sessions) OR Communication Designer Russell Mann (1.45pm session)
April 4 Illustrator Andrea Innocent
April 29 Communication Designer Chris Murphy
April 30 Architect and Interior Designer Clare Cousins
May 6 Communication Designers Le Sphinx
May 7 Architect Rebecca Naughtin
May 8 Communication Designer Tin Nguyen
May 16 Communication Designer Belinda Smullen
May 19 TBA
May 22 Creative Director/Designer Will Mahon (9.45am session only)
May 23 Creative Director/Designer Will Mahon (9.45am session only)

March 31 Photographer Cam Cope (focus on photography)
April 22 Film Maker David Franjic (focus on film)
May 1 Early Harvest magazine (focus on print layout)

Systems Engineering
May 5 Representative from ENESS
May 15 Representative from ENESS

VCE VET Interactive Digital Media
May 13 Multimedia Designer Luke Deylen

Further information about Top Designs speakers is available online.

Program is correct at time of publishing. Advertised speakers may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Cost: $4.40 per student (inc. GST) plus Education Service Fee. Includes museum entry.

From: Tuesday 1st of April 2014  To  Sunday 13th of July 2014


Melbourne Museum
 11 Nicholson St  Carlton Victoria 3053 Australia | Map Map opens in new browser window
 Telephone: 13 11 02

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