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Working Dog Productions

Working Dog is a film and television production company based in Melbourne whose productions include The Castle, The Dish and Thank God You're Here.

The team behind Working Dog Productions includes some Australia's best known performers and writers:

:: Santo Cilauro
:: Rob Sitch
:: Jane Kennedy
:: Tom Gleisner
:: Michael Hirsh

Film productions

The Castle
The Dish
Russell Coight's Celebrity Challenge

Television productions

A River Somewhere (1997-1998)
All Aussie Adventures (2002-2004) Russell Coight
Any Questions For Ben?
Frontline (1994-1997)
Funky Squad (1995)
Pictures Of You
Santo, Sam and Ed's Sports Fever & Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever!
Thank God You're Here (2006-2011)
The Hollowmen
The Panel (1998-2004)
The Panel Christmas Wrap
Russell Coight (Glenn Robbins) is a BIG CRACK production.

Not forgetting books (Molvania)
Jetlag Travel Guides - For the undiscerning traveller.

PS: Bring back The Panel !!!

We'd show you their cute logo with a dog but its a registered Trade Mark [811137] and they asked us to remove it. Class: 9 Cinematographic apparatus and apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images, being pre-recorded videos, compact disks and other like sound recording carriers and devices, CD-ROMs and other multimedia devices, so called "talking books" and other like apparatus and devices.

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