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We come across all sorts of interesting Melbourne tit-bits that are often very difficult to categorise, so this is where they end up...

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 Olympic Flame Hoax Olympic Flame Hoax
Seeing this iconic picture postcard of Ron Clarke lighting the Olympic cauldron at the M.C.G in 1956 reminded me of two bits of trivia. Firstly, the well known fact that Ron Clarke had burnt his forearm while reaching in to light the flame, but Read more..

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 Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne] Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne]
We simply wanted to see if we could get the term Our Melbourne [ourmelbourne] ranked as a search term @ Google or Yahoo. It was suggested that Our Melbourne or would have been an interesting alternative name for OnlyMelbour Read more..

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 Peters Ice Cream Peters Ice Cream
Peters Ice Cream was founded in 1907 by American migrant Fred Peters in Manly (Sydney), but in 1927 his Peters American Delicacy Company opened a Melbourne factory in Meyers Place in the city centre and Peters' national headquarters moved to Mulgrave Read more..

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 Raoul Wallenberg Memorial | Kew Raoul Wallenberg Memorial | Kew
Sitting waiting for the traffic lights at Kew Junction, we see an interesting stone memorial to Raoul Wallenberg with a curious inscription. RAOUL WALLENBERG 1912 - Who is/was Raoul Wallenberg and why is there a memorial to him at Kew Junction Read more..

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 Richmond Racecourse Richmond Racecourse
Reading an old book about the Menzies Hotel, I was suprised to read there once was a racecourse in Richmond. The racecourse was bounded by Bridge Road, Westbank Terrace and Stawell Street. Described as John Wren's old Richmond Racecourse, when Read more..

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 Sanitarium Health Food Company Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium's original biscuit, Granose was created in Melbourne by baker Edward Halsey. Over a century ago, in 1898, a small business opened its doors in Melbourne, Australia with the vision to help people 'learn to stay well' - the meaning of the Read more..

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 Signs of Understanding Signs of Understanding
Enjoy signs of Melbourne.. Sign over a Gynaecologist’s Office: Dr. Jones, at your cervix ************************** In a Podiatrist's office: Time wounds all heels ************************** On a Septic Tank Truck: Y Read more..

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 Size and Population Comparison Size and Population Comparison
Victoria's landmass of 228,000 square kilometres is about the size of the United Kingdom or a little smaller than the US state of California. By comparison, Australia's size is roughly equal to mainland USA and a little larger than continental Eu Read more..

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 Soft Drinks & Ice Blocks Soft Drinks & Ice Blocks
Brands you may remember.. What about LOY'S, SLADES, CRYSTAL and GOLD MEDAL brands all sold direct to the public – they were delivered to homes in wooden crates. A conversation over dinner raised the question of soft drink brands.. Whats in Read more..

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 Songs | Melbourne Songs | Melbourne
We have long wondered how many songs have been inspired by our marvellous Melbourne with lyrics about suburbs, place names and objects. Anyone growing up in Melbourne remembers Balwyn Calling from Skyhooks or Who hasn't waited for a loved one Unde Read more..

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 TaB Cola Advert | 1982 TaB Cola Advert | 1982
Here is a 1982 TV advert with Elle Macpherson promoting TaB cola made by Coca-Cola. Read more..

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 Tarax Soft Drinks Tarax Soft Drinks
Tarax was the brand-name of an independent Melbourne soft drink bottler and a market innovator including sponsorship of the Tarax Happy Show and the development of new packaging, such as the steel can. Producing a wide range of flavours includ Read more..

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 Top 10 Melbourne Statistics Top 10 Melbourne Statistics
Top 10 Melbourne tourism statistics for the year ending March 2010. Tourism is important for our economy. It provides employment and promotes our city as a great place to work, live, study, or invest in so it's important to understand where our vi Read more..

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 Trugo Trugo
Trugo is a sport invented in the railway repair workshops of Newport in the Western suburbs of Melbourne by railway workers in the 1920s. There are only 2 "games" that can be claimed to have been invented in Melbourne. Trugo like Australian Rul Read more..

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 Tunguska Event Tunguska Event
Eye-witness accounts in Melbourne early morning on 30 June 1908 of a cylindrical object travelling extremely fast from south-south-east to south-east. Where was it headed? The answer appears to be the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean off the north coa Read more..

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 Tunnel Vision Tunnel Vision
It is 50 degrees, dusty and very cramped. We are in a service tunnel under Parkville's Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) which supplies steam to the Children's Hospital nearby. The tunnel is more than 400 metres long and can only be accessed by goin Read more..

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 Tunnels under Melbourne Tunnels under Melbourne
We intially had a giggle when we were asked how many tunnels were under Melbourne, but we decided not to have tunnel-vision (hehe) and we soon found there was more to it. A little research into tunnels under Melbourne, we were surprised to discove Read more..

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 Tupperware | First Party Tupperware | First Party
The first Tupperware party in Australia was held by Mary Paton in her mother’s home in Camberwell in 1961. Mary’s sister Ruth became the first Australian Demonstrator. Craig and Mary Paton were living in California when Craig met Tupperware In Read more..

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 Unusual Melbourne Unusual Melbourne
A friend recently asked what was unusual about Melbourne. Unlike me, I didn't have an immediate answer. Yes, I know, most unlike me, who knows everything (well, supposedly) about Melbourne. I had to digest the question before regurgitating an Read more..

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 Urban Legend | Melbourne Urban Legend | Melbourne
We are always looking for trivia about Melbourne, so Urban Legends fits the bill perfectly. Firstly, what is an Urban Legend? An urban legend is a myth, sometimes true, sometimes false more often than not, an unproven tale, it's a furphy. OK Read more..

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 Vegemite Vegemite
A Melbourne man named Fred Walker had the bright idea of using yeast extract to create a wonderful source of vitamin B and a tasty new spread named VEGEMITE. A little known fact is every jar of Vegemite 'ever made' has come from the Melbourne fact Read more..

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 Wacky Melbourne Suburb Names Wacky Melbourne Suburb Names
3AW's breakfast shows Ross and John took callers with new names for existing suburbs in Melbourne. Scum-bry for Sunbury Crazy burn for Craigieburn Freakston for Frankston Chernobyl Park for Noble Park Wonthaggi - Moe by the sea Dandebon Read more..

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 War on the Streets War on the Streets
WHAT’S in a street name? Residents in many suburbs may wonder about the curious names of some of their streets and how they came to be. An area south of Riversdale Rd along Elgar Rd, opposite Wattle Park in Melbourne’s mid-eastern suburbs, was su Read more..

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 What Happened To? What Happened To?
We receive many enquiries asking what happened to, so here is an over-view of the most commonly asked What Happened To? By the way, if you have one, then ask away below... YELLOW PERIL VAULT was a controversial public sculpture by Ron Robertso Read more..

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 What it means to be Australian... What it means to be Australian...
We came across two versions of "what it means to be Australian"... 1. What it means to be Australian Being Australian is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkis Read more..

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 Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging from power lines? Why do you see pairs of shoes hanging from power lines?
The question of "why are shoes hanging by the laces from power lines?" has popped up a number of times, we decided to do a little research. Shoes hanging from power lines suggestions ! - Drug dealer nearby - Time-honored tradition on the las Read more..

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 Williamstown Stockade | 1840 Williamstown Stockade | 1840
Technically speaking, this article is about the Oldest Building in a Melbourne suburb rather than Melbourne’s Oldest Building, written by C Mervyn Archdall in September 1947, published in Walkabout | Australian Geographical Magazine. Melbourne’s O Read more..

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 World FIRST's Melbourne World FIRST's Melbourne
Melbourne is not only known for many 'Australian' firsts, but also for world FIRSTS, paving the way in many areas and proving that Melbourne truly is a remarkable city... Australian FIRSTS for Melbourne The new Melbourne Convention Centre has b Read more..

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 World's First Ice-Making Machine World's First Ice-Making Machine
James Harrison was the first to invent and patent a mechanical system to create ice for refrigeration. A model of the first industrial refrigerator (pic above), invented by James Harrison of Geelong in the 1850's, is now on display at Scienceworks Read more..

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 World's Shortest Highway | Chandler Highway World's Shortest Highway | Chandler Highway
Have we got a new challenger for the world's shortest 'highway' in Melbourne? For many years Chandler Highway was considered the worlds shortest highway, but we noticed on Google maps that part of City Road in Southbank is actually named Yarra B Read more..

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 Year of Melbourne | 1861 Year of Melbourne | 1861
As the National Gallery of Victoria celebrated its 150th birthday in February 2011, it emerged that many important events took place in Melbourne during 1861.. -:- Melbourne Museum of Art (National Gallery of Victoria) - Australia's first public g Read more..

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