Melbourne Dentistry

Melbourne Dentistry

Melbourne Dentistry is a general dental practice located on Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD providing high quality comprehensive dental care focusing on prevention.

Our practice principal Dr Maria Petricevic a gentle and positive dentist has 20 years of professional experience and has been practicing at this city location for over 12 years.

At Melbourne Dentistry we value providing the best and most up to date dental care. The fundamentals of our comprehensive approach include:

Melbourne Preventive Dentistry
Melbourne Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Melbourne Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry
Melbourne Life Time Dental Care
Melbourne Complete Health Dentistry

We practice Minimally Invasive Dentistry an advanced restorative approach to conserve your natural tooth structure for the long term.

We believe in providing natural looking restorations for amazing aesthetic results and functionality for the long term.

We focus on dental care over the life course - tailoring prevention and treatment to each stage of life - dental care specific to Pregnancy Infancy and Childhood the Teenage years Adulthood and Later life.

We also practice Complete Health Dentistry a care model of considering your oral health as it relates to your overall health to help you achieve and maintain your best health throughout your whole life.

Our services include:

Melbourne Dental Sealants
Melbourne Dental Hygiene
Melbourne Teeth Cleaning
Melbourne Bad Breath Solutions
Melbourne Remineralisation
Melbourne Sensitive Teeth Relief/Solutions
Melbourne Preventive Care during Child and Adult Orthodontics
Melbourne White Fillings and Restorations (Minimally Invasive Techniques)
Melbourne Sports Dentistry and Mouthguards
Melbourne Root Canal Treatment
Melbourne Wisdom Teeth Removal
Melbourne Oral Cancer Screening
Melbourne Treatments for Teeth Clenching Grinding and TMJ issues
Melbourne Management of Sleep Apnea Problems

Melbourne Teeth Whitening
Melbourne Microabrasion
Melbourne Teeth Reshaping
Melbourne Dental Veneers
Melbourne Crowns and Bridges
Melbourne Dental Implants
Melbourne Dentures

Our practice is fortunate to have an amazing expanse of north facing windows showcasing the beautiful plane trees and heritage streetscape along the Paris end of Collins Street - providing an abundance of natural light for consultation and treatment appointments.

We welcome all new patients from travellers and visitors to our city to new residents and referrals from family friends and colleagues.

We look forward to protecting your smile and your health at every stage of life!

Call 03 9650 0033

❊ Location ❊

 Level 2 Kurrajong House 175 Collins Street
 Melbourne 3000

 ☏ 03 9650 0033

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