The Block 2017 | New Street

The Block 2017 | New Street

The 13th season of The Block will present couples competing to renovate properties over 10 weeks, starting Sunday July 30 on NINE.

This year, 5 teams will renovate five century-old family homes rescued from demolition and transported to Regent Street, Elsternwick.

The weatherboard homes were transported and reassembled on new foundations, ready for renovation.

The teams are:

Melbourne Josh (28) and Elyse (24), dating for four years, from Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne Hannah (31) and Clint (33), married for five years, from Townsville, QLD

Melbourne Sticks (31) and Wombat (38), best mates for 15 years, from South Coast, NSW

Melbourne Ronnie (41) and Georgia (33), married for six years, from Perth, WA

Melbourne Jason (46) and Sarah (45), married for eighteen years, from Melbourne, VIC

Host Scott Cam is back with Shelley Craft, judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, foreman Keith Schleiger, and right-hand man, Dan Reilly.

This 100-year-old dairy house was destined for demolition… But we’ve saved her! Mooove on over, #9TheBlock is back SUNDAY JULY 30.


Date: Sunday 30th of July 2017


 46 Regent Street


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The Block 2017 | New Street

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