Freeway Traffic Overview

Freeway Traffic Overview

VicTraffic is Victoria's premium traffic website that uses an interactive map to display the exact location of the following:

Emergency road closures and traffic alerts
Major roadworks
Events impacting roads
Congestion information for Melbourne and some regional areas
Freeway travel times
Live traffic images.

Total Journey travel times From City (Minutes) for:

Melbourne Airport (Flemington Rd) (via Western Link/Tullamarine Fwy)
Melbourne Airport (Kingsway) (via Westgate Fwy/Western Link/Tullamarine Fwy)
Melbourne Airport from Punt Rd (via Monash Fwy/Southern Link/Westgate Fwy/Western Link/Tullamarine Fwy)
Melbourne Airport from Kororoit Crk Rd (via Westgate Fwy/Western Ring Road/Tullamarine Fwy)
Westgate Fwy to Hume Hwy (via Western Ring Road)
Warrigal Rd to Western Ring Road (Sth) (via Monash Fwy/Southern Link/Westgate Fwy)
Melbourne Airport to City (Flemington Rd) (via Tullamarine Fwy/Western Link)
Melbourne Airport to City (Kingsway) (via Tullamarine Fwy/Western Link/Westgate Fwy)
Melbourne Airport to Burnley Exit (via Tullamarine Fwy/Western Link/Westgate Fwy/Southern Link/Monash Fwy)
Melbourne Airport to Kororoit Crk Rd (via Tullamarine Fwy/Western Ring Road/Westgate Fwy)
Hume Hwy to Westgate Fwy (via Western Ring Road)
Western Ring Road (Sth) to Warrigal Rd (via Westgate Fwy/Southern Link/Monash Fwy)

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