AFL Footy @ Channel 7

AFL Footy @ Channel 7

Seven is your complete online destination for Australian Rules Football.

Seven coverage includes games on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

An impressive range of commentators and specialists promising 'there will be more live football than ever before''.

Seven’s AFL match coverage includes Bruce McAvaney, Dennis Cometti and Hamish McLachlan. Tom Harley, Leigh Matthews, Matthew Richardson, Tim Watson, Wayne Carey, Cameron Ling not forgetting BT, Brian Taylor.

Expert commentary from some of the games biggest stars.


Commentator Bias

A fair amount of feedback in 2015 has centered around game calls being 'biased' and 'barracking' for teams. Commentators do not influence the outcome of games with game calls aimed at raising the excitement level for the viewer at home sometimes at the expense of one team.

Viewers are more than welcome to express their opinion on commentators, we'll let you be the judge whether feedback like this has any value:

To whom it concerns,
I'm not sure who the hell hires and fires your afl commentary team, but I think you should sit yourself down and listen to Brian Taylor commentate the match between port power and hawthorn, seriously he is the most bias commentator I've ever heard in my life, he gives me the absolute *****, not one compliment for port power until after the final siren!! What a joke, I'm sure the other commentators hate the wanker also! Do all australian footy supporters a huge favor and sack him, maybe then I'll start watching channel 7 again. Until then, forget it, I'll never listen to that ****wit annoying voice again.

Richmond v Fremantle | Round 10 - 2015

We often receive feedback citing commentator bias but we have never seen anything like this. Hundreds of irate viewers angry at the one-sided biased call.

Here are two examples that typified the feedback..

"The commentary team were absolute disgraceful in the Richmond v Fremantle - the bias towards Fremantle throughout the whole game was unbelievable - I don't know how many times Basil (no idea why is he a commentator) said - "Here comes Fremantle" - even in the second quarter which Richmond won by two goals.

Shane Edwards soccered through a great goal in the last quarter - was it all about his great piece of play - No it was about Fremantle making a mistake which they do not normally do!

The whole commentary team were just waiting for Fremantle to over-run Richmond - not until about 2 minutes to go did they give some faint praise to the efforts of The Richmond football team.

It nearly ruined a great night ... NEARLY!!

Please make sure this does not happen again and remove Basil immediately from your commentary team.


"I just watched the dockers vs. tigers game on TV. For some unknown reason your commentators were favouring dockers in their commentary. It was like they wanted them (dockers) to win??? Whatever the case it really makes for sloppy and poor sports viewing when you have commentators who hold a team preference type of angle.


Over 90% of the feedback was squarely aimed at Basil (big nose) what-ever his name is.


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Happens: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time: Afternoon and night games

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