Catching A Tram for Dummies

Catching A Tram for Dummies

Catching a tram in Melbourne is as simple as deciding where you want to go.

If your journey is "within the CBD grid", then it's FREE, simply jump on any tram and travel. If it is "outside the CBD Grid", then you require a Myki smartcard.

Myki smartcard

Buy a Myki smartcard and top up its stored value with some 'Myki money'. See below where to get a Myki smartcard from.

Once you have your Myki card with Myki money on it:

1. Get on board (best through a door)
2. Validate the Myki smartcard by “touching-on” on one of the validating machines
3. Sit down (if there is a vacant seat) and then take in the passing scenery
4. When your stop is approaching, pull on the cord above your head or push one of the driver alert buttons to tell the driver to stop at the next stop
5. When the tram stops and the doors open, get off.

Where To Buy

Myki smartcards cannot be purchased on trams or at tram stops.

You can buy a Myki Card Online, or at 800+ retailers including all 7-Eleven stores, or the ticket office window at Premium railway stations (those staffed for all trains – which include all stations in the CBD), or staffed V/Line commuter stations or from a blue Myki machine located at all train stations and major tram and bus interchanges.

* Tram Drivers do not sell Myki cards (they drive the tram).

* Do not risk travelling outside CBD without a validated Myki as you will be fined if caught (tourist, visitor or local).

* Your Myki smartcard can be used on Trams, Trains and Buses (not Airport Bus).

Tram Network Map

Use the Metropolitan tram network map to navigate where you want to go. The trick to the map, is to locate the point you wish to go from and to and then using the colours, see the Route #Number and Destination. When you arrive at the tram stop, look a the front of the tram for the number and destination so you get on the right tram.

For example, today we are going from Melbourne (CBD) to Hisense Arena, which is located within Melbourne Park. The colour line is 'purple' (lighter of the 2), so tracing the line each way its easy to see its the #70 Line going to Wattle Park.

Catching a tram in the CBD may seem a little daunting but its easier than it seems. its only a short walk between the 5 main tram route streets which are Flinders St, Collins St, Bourke St (all running east-west) and Swanston St and Elizabeth St (running North-South).

So plan your journey out of the city by deciding which of the 5 streets is closest to you.

Plus there is always the City Circle Tram (ugly brown route) which can be used to join two networks, but as already mentioned, all routes are within walking distance of one another.

Top Tip

Know which direction

Some friends of ours knew the tram number but did not realise the same number tram goes in two directions and look identical regardless of the its direction except for one main change. The number stays the same, but the destination on the front of the tram changes. They boarded the tram and went all the way to Box Hill (109) instead of their ferry at Port Melbourne.

Two examples: Our friends tram (Teal colour route) #109 goes from Box Hill to Port Melbourne. Or using the example above, on the journey out of the city, Number #70 tram will go to Wattle Park, but on the return journey, the tram will show its going to Waterfront City Docklands.

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