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This topic covers cyber crime, internet security and how to protect yourself from malware.

 AVG AntiVirus Software | Free & Paid AVG AntiVirus Software | Free & Paid
Download the most trusted free antivirus and antispyware security software for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. Is it true that AVG AntiVirus Software is no longer available free? The good news is NO, its not true! AVG Anti-Virus remains free for private, non-commercial, sin Read more..

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Stop Spam and unwanted emails with the highly recommended anti-spam service provided FREE by What is is a free, virtually 100% effective anti-spam service designed for POP E-mail accounts and now works with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. Unlike Read more..

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 About Port 25 Blocking - Email About Port 25 Blocking - Email
We would like to thank iDataExpress for their excellent overview of Port 25 and related issues. We have modified the article to suit Australian conditions. What is Port 25? Each and every Internet application, such as web, mail or ftp is assigned a unique port number by t Read more..

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 Alpha Mail Email Marketing Alpha Mail Email Marketing
ALPHAmail is an affordable online application designed to make bulk emailing a breeze. Email Marketing campaigns are a direct and personal way to contact prospective and current customers with an Email Newsletter. E Newsletters give you the ability to create high impact e Read more..

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 Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, radiocommunications, telecommunications and online content. ACMA’s responsibilities include: - promoting self-regulation and competition in the telecommunications Read more..

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 AVG AntiVirus Software AVG AntiVirus Software
AVG Anti-Virus provides comprehensive virus protection. Users not only get virus protection of the highest quality (Awarded 100% detection award by Virus Bulletin) but standard licensing is for TWO years providing users extraordinary value. May 2005 edition of PC Authority Read more..

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 Boycott Internet spam Boycott Internet spam
Help fight spam! You can support the Campaign by helping to spread the word about the need to combat spam. Email spam if allowed to continue will not only spoil the internet, it threatens its very existence. Read more..

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 Business Help Box Business Help Box
Email, social and online marketing package to help your business gain trust with your customers and then stay in contact. We have developed the easiest, proven and 100% guaranteed package that will help you retain customers, build a bigger and better brand name for you busines Read more..

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Coalition Against Unsolicited Bulk Email, Australia. CAUBE.AU was formed to represent the views of those in Australia who are opposed to the advertising practices which are collectively known as email spam. Consumers are increasingly hostile to spam, whether it comes from unkn Read more..

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 Clean Spam  Clean Spam
Clean Spam provides spam removal service for all businesses. We are specialists in managed email filtering as well as out of box software. CleanSpam is a managed spam removal service. Their is no need to install, update or maintain a piece of software. Simply put CleanSpam Read more..

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 Code Fish Spam Watch  Code Fish Spam Watch
Code Fish Spam Watch is dedicated to following and exposing spam scams including: -:- Spam that attempts to fool people into giving up bank details (phishing) -:- Spam that lures people to launder money for spammers -:- Spam that attempts to infect people with trojans - Read more..

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 Create an Email Whitelist - Outlook Express Create an Email Whitelist - Outlook Express
This page explains how to create a whitelist specifically using an Outlook Express. An e-mail whitelist is a list of contacts that the user deems are acceptable to receive email from and should not be sent to the trash folder. View instructions for other Email Programs S Read more..

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 Dodgy Internet Traders | Consumer Affairs Dodgy Internet Traders | Consumer Affairs
What to do when you are stung by a Dodgy Trader. First you must make every possible attempt to contact the owners of the site and try and reach an amicable agreement. Most dodgy internet trading companies will make it very difficult to contact. If you have reached a dead-e Read more..

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 Email Hosting Services Email Hosting Services
Your email accounts are completely separated from your website. This means that if you decide to make upgrades or move your website, you will not need to worry about changing email servers. You can access your email using POP or IMAP, as well as our online webmail system. A Read more..

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 Federal Privacy Commissioner  Federal Privacy Commissioner
The Federal Privacy Commissioner publishes case notes of finalised complaints that he considers would be of interest to the general public. Not all complaints are recorded in case notes so the published notes only illustrate the types of cases resolved by the Office rather than g Read more..

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 How to STOP spam How to STOP spam
Check out the four sections below for tips and tools on How to STOP spam. Each item is be marked with keyletters - W for Windows Users; M for Mac; U for UNIX/Linux; A for Any; I for Information; P for Product; S for Service; and C for Commercial. How to stop spam Spam r Read more..

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 Internet Security Guide Internet Security Guide
FOUR CORNERS on the ABC ran a very interesting story about cyber crime, internet security and how to protect yourself from malware. The AusCERT Home Computer Users Security Survey 2008 | AusCERT Household survey assesses the security of Australian-based home Internet users. Read more..

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With, you can select an E-mail address that fits your personality and says something about you. Choose from over 100 E-mail addresses, including,,,,, and Read more..

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 Microsoft Phone Scam Microsoft Phone Scam
Microsoft Phone Scam: Coming to a landline near you If your number is in the White Pages – you are due to be the next victim of the Microsoft Phone Scam, that is of course, if you haven’t been contacted already. The scam itself has been making the rounds for years now, how Read more..

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 Multiple Email sending : Outlook Express Multiple Email sending : Outlook Express
This straight-forward process describes : How to send an email to multiple recipients using Outlook Express, hiding recipients email address. Single email: multiple hidden recipients Open a new email. _Address To: Yourself. _Select the address book icon to the left of the Read more..

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 Report Email Spam Report Email Spam
Forward the message to the Spam Intelligence Database at When forwarding an email, don’t change the subject line or add additional text. The ACMA will contact you should we require further information. Spam complaints FAQ 1. How can I stop Read more..

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 Spam Canned (New laws on email announced) Spam Canned (New laws on email announced)
Australia has declared war on spam. Laws aimed at protecting internet users from the torrents of unsolicited junk mail that make up nearly half the world's email traffic will be introduced in Federal Parliament "as soon as possible," according to Minister for Communications and I Read more..

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 Spam Scams Spam Scams
Wake up. Shower. Make cup of tea. Turn on computer. Delete spam. Delete spam. Delete spam. Every morning the junk email rolls in, and all I do is ignore the glistening promises. What if I'm missing something? OK, I have no need for mortgage refinancing. And my inkjet cartridg Read more..

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 Spam | Australian Communications & Media Authority Spam | Australian Communications & Media Authority
Under the Spam Act 2003 it is illegal to send, or cause to be sent, unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The Act covers email, instant messaging, SMS and MMS. Spam is a generic term used to describe electronic 'junk mail' – unwanted messages sent to a person's email acc Read more..

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 Spam.Cop Spam.Cop
Report your spam to Spam.Cop quickly and accurately. Once you register, you may use the reporting system for free or pay an additional fee to remove banner ads and delays from the reporting process. Read more..

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 What Internet content is illegal? What Internet content is illegal?
You should be aware that placing certain content on the Internet may give rise to criminal or civil liability under applicable State, Territory or Commonwealth law. The following categories of Internet content are prohibited for hosting on servers within Australia: Content Read more..

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