AFL Premiership Games 2014

AFL Premiership Games 2014

The race for the 2014 premiers crown has now been run and WON by Hawthorn for the 2014 AFL Premiership season.

2015 will be another season and another action packed year of AFL Football.

Gotta' love FOOTY!

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The games shown are games played in Victoria (Melbourne & Geelong).
Below view ALL games in the current season in round and date order.



Friday, March 14
Collingwood vs. Fremantle (ES) (N)
Saturday, March 15
GWS GIANTS vs. Sydney Swans (GS) (T)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Richmond (MS) (N)
Sunday, March 16
Carlton vs. Port Adelaide (ES) (N)
Thursday, March 20
Geelong Cats vs. Adelaide Crows (SS) (N)
Friday, March 21
North Melbourne vs. Essendon (ES) (N)
Saturday, March 22
Hawthorn vs. Brisbane Lions (AU)(T)
St Kilda vs. Melbourne (ES) (N)
Sunday, March 23
West Coast Eagles vs. Western Bulldogs (PS) (N)


Thursday, March 27
Richmond vs. Carlton (MCG) (N)

Friday, March 28
Essendon vs. Hawthorn (ES) (N)

Saturday, March 29
St Kilda vs. GWS GIANTS (ES)
Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide Crows (AO) (T)
Sydney Swans vs. Collingwood (ANZ) (N)
Fremantle vs. Gold Coast SUNS (PS) (N)

Sunday, March 30
Brisbane Lions vs. Geelong Cats (G)
Melbourne vs. West Coast Eagles (MCG)
Western Bulldogs vs. North Melbourne (ES) (T)


Friday, April 4
Hawthorn vs. Fremantle (MCG) (N)
Saturday, April 5
Western Bulldogs vs. Richmond (ES)
Adelaide Crows vs. Sydney Swans (AO)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Brisbane Lions (MS) (T)
Collingwood vs. Geelong Cats (MCG) (N)
West Coast Eagles vs. St Kilda (PS) (N)
Sunday, April 6
GWS GIANTS vs. Melbourne (GS)
North Melbourne vs. Port Adelaide (ES) (T)
Essendon vs. Carlton (MCG) (N)


Friday, April 11
Richmond vs. Collingwood (MCG) (N)
Saturday, April 12
Carlton vs. Melbourne (MCG)
Port Adelaide vs. Brisbane Lions (AO)
GWS GIANTS vs. Western Bulldogs (SO) (T)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Hawthorn (MS) (N)
Geelong v West Coast (SS) (N)
Sunday, April 13
Sydney Swans vs. North Melbourne (SCG)
St Kilda vs. Adelaide Crows (ES)
Fremantle vs. Essendon (PS) (T)


Thursday, April 17
Brisbane Lions vs. Richmond (G) (N)
Saturday, April 19
Collingwood vs. North Melbourne (MCG)
Sydney Swans vs. Fremantle (SCG) (T)
Essendon vs. St Kilda (ES) (N)
West Coast Eagles vs. Port Adelaide (PS) (T)
Sunday, April 20
Adelaide Crows vs. GWS GIANTS (AO)
Melbourne vs. Gold Coast SUNS (MCG)
Western Bulldogs vs. Carlton (ES) (T)
Monday, April 21
Geelong Cats vs. Hawthorn (MCG)


Friday, April 25
Collingwood vs. Essendon (MCG)
St Kilda vs. Brisbane Lions (WS) (N)
Fremantle vs. North Melbourne (PS) (N)
Saturday, April 26
Gold Coast SUNS vs. GWS GIANTS (MS)
Carlton vs. West Coast Eagles (ES) (T)
Melbourne vs. Sydney Swans (MCG) (N)
Sunday, April 27
Western Bulldogs vs. Adelaide Crows (ES)
Richmond vs. Hawthorn (MCG)
Port Adelaide vs. Geelong Cats (AO) (T)


Friday, May 2
Carlton vs. Collingwood (MCG) (N)
Saturday, May 3
Hawthorn vs. St Kilda (MCG)
GWS GIANTS vs. Port Adelaide (SO)
Adelaide Crows vs. Melbourne (AO) (T)
Essendon vs. Western Bulldogs (ES) (N)
Brisbane Lions vs. Sydney Swans (G) (N)
Sunday, May 4
North Melbourne vs. Gold Coast SUNS (ES)
Geelong Cats vs. Richmond (MCG)
West Coast Eagles vs. Fremantle (PS) (T)


Friday, May 9
Sydney Swans vs. Hawthorn (ANZ) (N)
Saturday, May 10
Port Adelaide vs. Fremantle (AO)
Brisbane Lions vs. Essendon (G) (T)
Melbourne vs. Western Bulldogs (MCG) (N) | Field of Women
Sunday, May 11
West Coast Eagles vs. GWS GIANTS (PS) (T)
Monday, May 12
St Kilda vs. Carlton (ES) (N)
Adelaide Crows, Collingwood, Geelong Cats, Gold Coast SUNS, North Melbourne, Richmond


Thursday, May 15
Adelaide Crows vs. Collingwood (AO) (N)
Friday, May 16
Essendon vs. Sydney Swans (ES) (N)
Saturday, May 17
Richmond vs. Melbourne (MCG)
North Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions (ES) (T)
Fremantle vs. Geelong Cats (PS) (T)
Sunday, May 18
St Kilda vs. Gold Coast SUNS (ES) (T)

BYES: Carlton, GWS GIANTS, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide, West Coast Eagles, Western Bulldogs


Friday, May 23
Geelong Cats vs. North Melbourne (SS) (N)
Saturday, May 24
GWS GIANTS vs. Richmond (GS)
Collingwood vs. West Coast Eagles (MCG) (T)
Port Adelaide vs. Hawthorn (AO) (N)
Sunday, May 25
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Western Bulldogs (MS)
Carlton vs. Adelaide Crows (MCG) (T)
BYES: Brisbane Lions, Essendon, Fremantle, Melbourne, St Kilda, Sydney Swans


Thursday, May 29
Sydney Swans vs. Geelong Cats (SCG) (N)
Friday, May 30
St Kilda vs. Collingwood (ES) (N)
Saturday, May 31
Melbourne vs. Port Adelaide (TP)
Brisbane Lions vs. Carlton (G) (T)
Essendon vs. Richmond (MCG) (N)
Sunday, June 1
Adelaide Crows vs. Gold Coast SUNS (AO)
Western Bulldogs vs. Fremantle (ES) | Be our Junior Mascot
Hawthorn vs. GWS GIANTS (MCG) (T)
West Coast Eagles vs. North Melbourne (PS) (T)


Friday, June 6
Geelong Cats vs. Carlton (ES) (N)
Saturday, June 7
Hawthorn vs. West Coast Eagles (AU)
Port Adelaide vs. St Kilda (AO) (T)
GWS GIANTS vs. Essendon (GS) (N)
Western Bulldogs vs. Brisbane Lions (ES) (N)
Sunday, June 8
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Sydney Swans (MS)
Fremantle vs. Adelaide Crows (PS) (T)
North Melbourne vs. Richmond (ES) (N)
Monday, June 9
Melbourne vs. Collingwood (MCG)


Friday, June 13
Carlton vs. Hawthorn (MCG) (N)
Saturday, June 14
Richmond vs. Fremantle (MCG)
Sydney Swans vs. Port Adelaide (SCG)
West Coast Eagles vs. Gold Coast SUNS (PS) (T)
Adelaide Crows vs. North Melbourne (AO) (N)
Brisbane Lions vs. GWS GIANTS (G) (N)
Sunday, June 15
Geelong Cats vs. St Kilda (SS)
Collingwood vs. Western Bulldogs (ES)
Essendon vs. Melbourne (MCG) (T)

AFL Women's Style Lounge - The six AFL teams playing at the MCG over the weekend in Round 13 will be participating in the Style Lounges. They include Carlton, Hawthorn, Richmond, Fremantle, Essendon and Melbourne. All six teams will showcase their women’s range, as well as having special guests visiting the lounge.


Friday, June 20
Richmond vs. Sydney Swans (MCG) (N)
Saturday, June 21
Port Adelaide vs. Western Bulldogs (AO)
Hawthorn vs. Collingwood (MCG)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Geelong Cats (MS) (T)
Essendon vs. Adelaide Crows (ES) (N)
Fremantle vs. Brisbane Lions (PS) (T)
Sunday, June 22
GWS GIANTS vs. Carlton (GS)
St Kilda vs. West Coast Eagles (ES)
Melbourne vs. North Melbourne (MCG) (T)


Friday, June 27
Geelong Cats vs. Essendon (ES) (N)
Saturday, June 28
Hawthorn vs. Gold Coast SUNS (AU)
St Kilda vs. Richmond (ES)
Fremantle vs. West Coast Eagles (PS) (T)
Brisbane Lions vs. North Melbourne (G) (N)
Sydney Swans vs. GWS GIANTS (SCG) (N)
Sunday, June 29
Western Bulldogs vs. Melbourne (ES)
Adelaide Crows vs. Port Adelaide (AO) (T)
Collingwood vs. Carlton (MCG) (N)


Friday, July 4
North Melbourne vs. Hawthorn (ES) (N)
Saturday, July 5
Richmond vs. Brisbane Lions (MCG)
GWS GIANTS vs. Adelaide Crows (GS)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Collingwood (MS) (T)
Port Adelaide vs. Essendon (AO) (N)
Melbourne vs. Fremantle (TIO) (N)
Sunday, July 6
Carlton vs. St Kilda (ES)
West Coast Eagles vs. Sydney Swans (PS)
Geelong Cats vs. Western Bulldogs (SS) (T)


Friday, July 11
Adelaide Crows vs. Hawthorn (AO) (N)
Saturday, July 12
Melbourne vs. Geelong Cats (MCG)
North Melbourne vs. St Kilda (BA)
Western Bulldogs vs. Gold Coast SUNS (CS) (T)
Sydney Swans vs. Carlton (SCG) (N)
Brisbane Lions vs. West Coast Eagles (G) (N)
Sunday, July 13
Richmond vs. Port Adelaide (ES)
Essendon vs. Collingwood (MCG)
Fremantle vs. GWS GIANTS (PS) (T)


Friday, July 18
Carlton vs. North Melbourne (ES) (N)
Saturday, July 19
St Kilda vs. Fremantle (ES) (T)
GWS GIANTS vs. Geelong Cats (GS) (N)
Sunday, July 20
Port Adelaide vs. Melbourne (AO)
Western Bulldogs vs. Essendon (ES) (T)
Friday, July 25
West Coast Eagles vs. Richmond (PS) (N)
Saturday, July 26
Brisbane Lions vs. Gold Coast SUNS (G) (T)
Hawthorn vs. Sydney Swans (MCG) (N)
Sunday, July 27
Collingwood vs. Adelaide Crows (MCG) (T)


Thursday, July 31
Fremantle vs. Carlton (PS) (N)
Friday, August 1
Sydney Swans vs. Essendon (SCG) (N)
Saturday, August 2
Adelaide Crows vs. West Coast Eagles (AO)
Richmond vs. GWS GIANTS (MCG) (T)
North Melbourne vs. Geelong Cats (ES) (N)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. St Kilda (MS) (N)
Sunday, August 3
Melbourne vs. Brisbane Lions (ES)
Hawthorn vs. Western Bulldogs (AU)
Collingwood vs. Port Adelaide (MCG) (T)


Friday, August 8
Richmond vs. Essendon (MCG) (N)
Saturday, August 9
GWS GIANTS vs. North Melbourne (SO)
Carlton vs. Gold Coast SUNS (ES)
Hawthorn vs. Melbourne (MCG) (T)
Geelong Cats vs. Fremantle (SS) (N)
Port Adelaide vs. Sydney Swans (AO) (N)
Sunday, August 10
Brisbane Lions vs. Adelaide Crows (G)
St Kilda vs. Western Bulldogs (ES)
West Coast Eagles vs. Collingwood (PS) (T)


Friday, August 15
Carlton vs. Geelong Cats (ES) (N)
Saturday, August 16
Sydney Swans vs. St Kilda (SCG)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. Port Adelaide (MS)
Essendon vs. West Coast Eagles (ES) (T)
Adelaide Crows vs. Richmond (AO) (N)
Collingwood vs. Brisbane Lions (MCG) (N)
Sunday, August 17
North Melbourne vs. Western Bulldogs (ES)
Melbourne vs. GWS GIANTS (MCG)
Fremantle vs. Hawthorn (PS) (T)


Friday, August 22
Port Adelaide vs. Carlton (AO) (N)
Saturday, August 23
North Melbourne vs. Adelaide Crows (BA)
Essendon vs. Gold Coast SUNS (ES)
GWS GIANTS vs. Collingwood (GS) (T)
Hawthorn vs. Geelong Cats (MCG) (N)
West Coast Eagles vs. Melbourne (PS) (T)
Sunday, August 24
Brisbane Lions vs. Fremantle (G)
Western Bulldogs vs. Sydney Swans (ES)
Richmond vs. St Kilda (MCG) (T)


Friday, August 29-Sunday, August 31
Carlton vs. Essendon (MCG)
Geelong Cats vs. Brisbane Lions (SS)
North Melbourne vs. Melbourne (ES)
Adelaide Crows vs. St Kilda (AO)
Collingwood vs. Hawthorn (MCG)
Fremantle vs. Port Adelaide (PS)
Gold Coast SUNS vs. West Coast Eagles (MS)
Sydney Swans vs. Richmond (ANZ)
Western Bulldogs vs. GWS GIANTS (ES)


September 5-7
Week One – Qualifying & Elimination Finals (4)
September 12 & 13
Week Two – Semi-Finals (2)
September 19 & 20
Week Three – Preliminary Finals (2)
September 27
Week Four – Toyota AFL Grand Final


(T) Twilight match; (N) Night match; (ANZ)
ANZ Stadium, Sydney; (AO) Adelaide Oval;
(AU) Aurora Stadium, Launceston; (BA)
Blundstone Arena, Hobart; (CS) Cazalys
Stadium, Cairns; (ES) Etihad Stadium,
Melbourne; (G) The Gabba, Brisbane; (GS)
GIANTS Stadium, Sydney; (MCG) Melbourne
Cricket Ground; (MS) Metricon Stadium, Gold
Coast; (PS) Patersons Stadium, Perth; (SCG)
Sydney Cricket Ground; (SO) StarTrack Oval,
Canberra; (SS) Simonds Stadium, Geelong;
(TIO) TIO Stadium, Darwin; (TP) TIO Traeger
Park, Alice Springs; (WS) Westpac Stadium,
Wellington NZ.

Victorian Venues

M.C.G. - Melbourne Cricket Ground
Brunton Avenue, Jolimont, Vic 3002

Etihad Stadium
Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, Vic 3008

Simonds Stadium
La Trobe Terrace, Geelong, Vic 3220

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